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Saturday, July 9

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LF S/S Lookbook

-long sheer draping skirts-
-thick heeled platform shoes-
-sheer wide leg pants-
-kimono tops-
-light pastel colors-
-off white and nude-
-subtle floral prints-
-messy braided hair-
-cutoff denim shorts-

Kelsey's Closet

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i think i need these things for my apartment.

Art Globes
no need to have a simple world map on your globe, that's what google is for.
these vintage masterpieces can be found here.

Mechanical Butterfly in a Jar
it's not a real butterfly, don't you worry - just the perfect desk decoration.
these can be found here.
Kitten...or 2...or 3


i LIKE your style.

not only is this girl band in the music spotlight, they are fashion icons as well.

i like the like.